Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our High End Hockey Stick Line-up is Growing!

The Tron 405 hockey stick has already achieved good success and is known as lightest hockey stick made to date.  Two more curves will arrive next week for a total of four along with 3 flexes.  The response from the 100s of hockey players who have played with this stick has been great!    Cool new graphics will be displayed on the stick starting in July.  Our price $129.99!

The Tron Elite Anchor will be out next month.  This stick is wrapped with an 18K flawless graphite weave and has a spectacular taper and kick-point,  weighs 415 grams.  This is a stick that is similar or better than all the major manufacturers $250 sticks.  Semi – pro players who have used this stick love it!  Our price $129.99!   
The Tron 100K is a stick with brand new technology.  The shaft has a new harpoon design which produced more taper.  It uses a nano rubber resin which makes it impact resistant but yet lighter ( 415 grams )than most high end sticks.  The blade is a short hozel type so the connection is lower to allow for more taper and a better kick.  This is also a true pro stick!  We are currently working on the graphics and this stick will arrive in late August.  Our price $129.99!
We would love for you to try one of our very high end sticks! If not I am sure the high end stick you are currently buying from the other manufacturers will eventually go down in price to compete with these Tron sticks.
Arriving June 15th Tron TRX6030 Aircraft veneer wood sticks and Tron 2100 ABS sticks and blades!

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  1. Pretty soon I am going to just hand over my paycheck to you guys. But, I'm OK with that!