Monday, May 14, 2012

Goalies! Your gear is too expensive!

Goalies!  Your gear is too expensive!  
Yet goalies continue to spend upwards of $2000 for a set of pro level pads!  Why is this?  If you were to look at the materials and labor that go into the production of a goalie pad, you will see that there is absolutely ZERO reason why a set of even the highest level leg pads should retail for two grand.

It's because they flock together!  If a couple of good goalies say that Canadian made goal pads are the best then 500 would agree.  A goal pad made in China can be just as good, if you give them an opportunity to perform to the task.  I've witnessed this myself, and have two goalies absolute swear by our new goalie products.

Price difference of a Canadian-Made set of leg pads ($2000) against a leg pad set made in China ($499): A whopping $1400.  And that’s just the leg pads alone.  Right now we have a sale going on our Goal Equipment package while it is still a pre-order:  Order the set, and you can take all 4 pieces at $700.

The pads are being designed by a former manager at Vaughn.  They are being produced in a factory that manufactures the goal equipment sold by one of the top 3 Hockey Goalie companies in the world today.  We also got former designers in the goalie pad industry to give the TRON line its sleek look it bears.

We have 50 sets of our TRON Mega Pads coming in at the end of the month in 3 unique sizes (32+1, 34+1, 36+1), and 1 color pattern.  We have sold 32 sets of our TRON goalie equipment to pre-orders alone.  We do plan on carrying 2 other color schemes that will have matching blocker/glove/leg pad graphics, and we have word that those will be arriving in August.

We hope our TRON goal equipment will shed light on the top manufacturer's ridiculous mark-up for goalie equipment, and change the mindset of goalie paying these ridiculous prices for quality gear they deserve!


  1. Will you be able to take custom color orders at any point?

    1. Dear reader,
      Thank you for your comments...
      we will not be able to custom colors for now. However we will try to order as many color combinations as possible in the future.

  2. i am looking on ebay and am seeing you do not ship to canada why is this?

  3. We do not operate an ebay Store and we do ship to Canada.
    Please place your order on our official website at

  4. need more info on the new Tron goalie masks? what is there comparison and quality NME 5 , bauer profile 940, need better info please