Friday, May 25, 2012

HockeyTron will dominate the team sales category!

Simple things can improve the morale of a team greatly.  Feeling like a part of a team builds confidence in yourself and in others around you, inspires you to elevate your game, and creates a sense of unity and a special bond within the members of the team.
Few could argue that a good first step in unifying a team is getting all the players on your team to LOOK the same, easily accomplished through HockeyTron’s incredible jersey selection.  We have 13 unique solid color jerseys, the DJ100 model, at a mere $9.99.  

TRON DJ100 Dry Fit Senior Hockey Practice Jerseys - White DJ100 Model TRON DJ200 Team Senior Hockey Jersey - Navy DJ200 Model  

Our DJ200 model, a 3-color jersey, features 15 unique colors and is priced at only $12.99.  Both models are made out of a Dry-Fit material that wicks away moisture, breathes very nicely, and fits seamlessly with the gear you are wearing to create an undeniably comfortable combination.  They also feature  smaller arm-holes so that the jersey has a more tapered fit, resulting in less jersey bunching up around the cuffs of gloves, which can be uncomfortable.
At this time, we only have 4 colors available in DJ100 and DJ200 models in a junior size(White, Black, Gray, and Kelly Green), but we are gearing up in the near future to have every jersey available in JR Sml/Med all the way up to SR Goalie Cut sizes, in both models!  We also plan on carrying 30”, 26”, and 20” socks in all 13 solid colors as well, to match up perfectly with the colors of the DJ100 jerseys.

Perhaps the most exciting news on the horizon is the DJPro model jersey, a jersey that is weighted just as much as NHL and other Pro-level jerseys, at an absolutely mind blowing $24.99!  Similar jerseys sell from companies like Athletic Knit and Reebok for anywhere from 3-5 times that amount!  The jerseys will feature color schemes identical to the NHL teams color patterns, re-inforced stitching on the shoulders ( double ) and elbows ( double ) to prevent fraying and tearing, and a pro-jersey inspired fight strap to lock the jersey down in place.  We will have these jerseys in EVERY size from the little guys to the big boys, in home and away colors.  We are also getting the SK200 NHL-Inspired socks in youth and junior sizes as well, unlocking a WORLD of customization possibilities that are sure to create some of the most unique looks the hockey world has seen to date.
Outfitting yourself, your team, or your organization in matching gear?  Make the most out of your money!  Call the best guy in the business, Chris Jarvis, for the absolute best deals on customized jerseys, logos, embroidery, twill, apparel, the WORKS!  He’s prompt, knows the in’s and out’s to all customization questions, and has handled orders for teams as simple as 8 jerseys to orders as large as THOUSANDS of jerseys, for clinics and training camps, all while keeping every customer he’s worked with completely satisfied with the finished products he has shown to them.
This trend is only going to continue to rise for us as we continue to push forward.  We’ve outfitted ourselves here in our location with over $100,000 in state of the art screenprinting equipment and materials, dedicated nearly an entire floor of our building to the jersey customization process, and now can offer turn-around times that, very simply put, will leave HockeyTron unrivaled in the time production of custom jerseys:  Where one could expect to wait upwards of 2 weeks for customer jerseys, HockeyTron will now be able to push out within 3 days. That time frame is the fastest, and still one of the cheapest, ways to outfit an entire team in finely crafted products that we feel secure in offering to you, knowing our TRON name is on the line.  

We also stock our track jackets, pants, t-shirts and shorts. With our new jerseys and sizes on the way, HockeyTron will soon have a stranglehold on the market for jerseys and customized apparel.  And we will have this stranglehold because we know our customers come back completely satisfied and looking for more once they try our products.

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