Thursday, May 17, 2012

HockeyTron will conquer the composite and wood stick market! Guaranteed!

Have you ever picked up a stick, and you just KNEW right then and there that you loved it?  Did the curve on it open up just right? Was the flex just perfect to maximize your shot?

That was the goal we had in mind when we started to introduce our sticks to the hockey world.  We had great success in the sales of our two top of the line sticks, the TRON 405 and the TRON Elite.  Despite the success, we continue to raise the bar for ourselves, finding new ways to make a high-end stick more durable and resilient, while keeping the all important weight of the stick as low as possible.

When originally designing the TRON 405 ( 405 grams ), we set out to create the absolute lightest stick available on the market today, and we achieved this while keeping the retail value of the stick at a mere $129.99, almost HALF the price of the competition’s top sticks, like the Bauer Total One and Easton RS.  Thanks in large part to the feedback we received on the stick from the players who used it who claimed that it was the lightest, best performing and most durable high end stick they have ever used.  We are also introducing the TRON 405 Junior Stick as well, which is set to come very soon!  We currently plan on producing two curves in one flex for the JR stick, and four curves in three flexes for the SR model and awesome new graphics.

The TRON Elite stick, priced at only $129.99, weighs about 25 grams less than the Bauer TotalOne (The TotalOne weighs about 440 grams) but the Elite is half the price!  Again, we used the reviews and feedback of our customers to determine where we needed to make improvements in the design of the Elite, and it now features a true one-piece technology for an absolutely unmatched feel for the puck on your stick.  We had 8 semi-pro hockey players test it.  Also, on a cosmetic side, the look of the Elite is changing from the black/green/white scheme to a look that is similar to the TotalOne.  Currently, we plan on carrying a single curve in three flexes on the stick, with plans in the future to expand on that.
Other sticks offered are the Evolution and Basic senior composite sticks for a ridiculous $39.99 and a 100% carbon stick ( LE )for only$79.99.  High-end Composite blades for $19.99, $29.99 and $39.99 respectively and Composite shafts for $29.99, $49.99 and $69.99 respectively.

While we are very satisfied with how the 405 has turned out so far, and how the Elite is looking like it will turn out, rest assured that we are always trying to implement the newest technologies and materials to improve on our sticks, even though they are already completely unrivaled by anything else in the industry to date, all factors considered.  And of course, all of this will happen while HockeyTron continues to offer the best deals your dollar can buy hockey equipment with! 
Also coming soon Tron 6030 wood sticks, Tron 2100 ABS sticks and blades ( June 20th ) for all you hockey purists!

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