Thursday, August 30, 2012

What a possible NHL Lockout means to HockeyTron!

   After a great NHL season and playoffs that were exciting for all to watch, the summer almost seems like torture as Baseball is winding down and Football is staring up and the hype of hockey dwindles away. Hockey players everywhere are left to their own rec leagues or travel teams to get their fix.  One can only watch so many reruns of the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs, and this is coming from an LA Kings/ Montreal Canadiens fan.
To make this inconvenience even less tolerable, we are starting to hear the word that NO fan of any professional organized sports wants to hear.  The idea of a lockout bringing hockey to a screeching halt is indeed serious business. It hurts everybody involved on every level from morale to pocketbooks.  Advertisers, merchandisers, manufacturers, the arenas that house them are all suspect to trickle down effects of some agreement not being reached.

Good thing we aren't THAT big yet, although we absolutely will be in due time, so HockeyTron is in a comfortable spot to keep working towards the things we are, one of which is always to give you the best prices on the kind of gear the pros will be hopefully wearing in the next couple months.  We currently have several semi pro teams using our sticks and shields and wearing our Pro jerseys.

While Bauer, Easton, Warrior, and countless other brands will scramble to find something to do for the players they sponsor, such money isn't going to waste here.  Sure, we would LOVE to see someone in the NHL sporting TRON anything, but we will not add an additional $60 to our sticks to get a Pro name on them.  Sponsorships never made sense to me in this sense.  Is that why a high end stick selling at $250 dollars With $60 in profits going to the manufacturer, $60 to the people who make it for the manufacturer, $60 to Iginla because you chose his name, and the last $70 just because they feel like they can?

Consider this though!  Just recently, one of the premier teams in Europe recently called up our offices.  He wants over 90 TRON 405XS in the various curves and flexes for his entire lineup.  Normally we sell this stick to you for $129.99, and maybe we cut you a break if you got 2 or even 3.  Exact figures aside, we still made good money on the sale, they happily bought the stick, we happily shipped them the stick, and they are now happily LOVING it more than any other stick they ever used. Ask the Waterloo Siskins what they think of the 150 Tron 405XS sticks they just bought!!

TRON 405XS Senior Composite Hockey Stick

But everyone BUYS their stick.  That's the difference.  Think of how many sticks an elite NHL player like Alex Ovechkin uses.  He's not buying those things, the manufacturer is pouring them out like water out of a truck parked outside his house.  Who's paying for those sticks!  The sad, sad truth is EVERYONE who buys that stick for close to $250:  You, the customers/loyal fans.  Some thanks huh!

While the dream has only just begun for us, it is good for us, for the time being, to be a little low key and off the radar.  We are definitely loving the immediate and long term plans we have set out for ourselves.  And you can feel very re-assured that when we have those meetings discussing our future, our concerned and loyal customers are absolutely in attendance.

We wouldn't think of holding that meeting WITHOUT you.

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