Friday, September 7, 2012

TRON Equipment - Now Coming to a Sport Near You!

With many of our newest and most innovative products still on the horizon for HockeyTron, things are still very exciting for us here at HockeyTron.  We have countless accessories, bags, equipment, sticks and jerseys that are sure to add volumes of credibility to the TRON brand name.  To date, we have sold about 650,000 unique pieces of TRON products, and the number grows by the day.
Even though the pursuit to modify, re-create, and re-imagine the future designs and specifications of hockey equipment is one that will not cease anytime soon, we never seem to WANT to slow down: Theres always a new idea passed around from guys on the sales floor to the people in the offices on how we can strive towards continued greater success.  Our roller equipment seems to have hit the mark dead on have been selling like wildfire.  Our composite sticks, shields and jerseys are now world famous!  Key accessories such as visors and bags have also propelled the company upwards as well.  
That being said, a couple of other categories, such as our ice skates, proved themselves to be quite frustrating as the sales never quite came how we initially hoped for on those items.  But on a brighter note, our "mis-steps" have shown us what we can do or not do in the future to ensure that everything manufactured with a TRON emblem is up to the standards we expect from ourselves, and what you expect from us.  As the new kid on the block, we are sure to make a mistake or two, as they are inevitable, but your support and patience are truly appreciated, so thank you for that.

TRON DJ100 Dry Fit Senior Hockey Practice Jerseys
TRON DJ200 Team Senior Hockey Jerseys
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While hockey is a personal favorite as far as sports go, TRON Sports has the eventual goal of being a viable option to players of ALL sports:  With Figure Skates in development, we are now set to go after an entirely different market.  Soon we will have Paintball items as well!  For now, much of the paintball items will come from a distributor, but HockeyTron was much the same way when we started out so many months ago.  Over the next 2 years, we also intend to add lacrosse and even baseball products to our impressive list of equipment available at the cheapest prices by far, all of which will push the envelope of the highest technologies available to date.

Indeed, its a good time to be playing sports, because HockeyTron (And LacrosseTron, and BaseballTron, and PaintballTron) are all keeping your best interests and values in mind.  Stay tuned!

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