Thursday, August 16, 2012

The New Generation of Jersey Customization and Team Sales

It's been no secret that TRON Jerseys and Socks are staple items to the success of HockeyTron.  Many clubs, teams, and organizations worldwide have trusted TRON to supply and outfit their teams and have been more than pleased with the results, and even more so with the incredible turn-around times we offer with all the customization being done in our building.  Just read some of the incredible customer reviews on the bottom portion of the Team Sales section on our site!

But we continue to up the ante here at HockeyTron. In about 2 months time (October 2012), the DJ300 Replica jerseys and DJPro jerseys will be completely in stock for all 30 teams in the NHL, featuring 8 sizes in the DJ300 styles jerseys and 7 sizes in the DJPro option.  There will be hundreds of options available among the 4 different jersey types, colors, and sizes.  Add on the fact that you can add customer logos, names, or numbers, and you can easily have unique jerseys that fit the personality of your team.  And as if the process wasn't easy enough (Simply call the toll free number and ask for Chris Jarvis, the man who knows the in's and out's of every customization option you can think of), we are making that process totally available online, for those computer savy people who are capabable of placing their orders online.

We can honestly say there is nothing quite like this offered anywhere else!  Browse 6 unique team package options for each type of jersey (The DJ300 and DJPro sections will be offered on the site once those jerseys are in stock,  but the  DJ100 and DJ200
models customization section is available now).

  We offer everything from basic plain jerseys with just a single color number, all the way up to multi-colored jerseys with multi-colored logos, personalized names on the back, and 2 tone numbers, with up to 6 color options for the name and number on the back!  A unique look is merely clicks away now thanks to HockeyTron's continued innovation in the jersey customization field. Get Hockey Tron Coupons

And for you more traditional folks, the option to phone in your order with Jarvis is still very much available.  He is always here in the shop Monday through Friday to answer any questions not only about jersey customization and pricing, but also for custom team track suits, shirts, bags, gloves, pants, everything to outfit a team to look good on and off the ice, as well as offer his own insight into how you can better complete the look you are going for or how we can expedite the amount of time each order takes.  An online Team Sales Page will soon be up for all your team purchase needs.

But no matter how you choose to order up a set for you and your teammates, the absolute best prices, highest quality, and fastest turnaround times are all in one place:!

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