Friday, July 6, 2012

Tron Hockey Visors - trying one for yourself is truly the best way to see just how much money you can save.

You want the best features in everything that you buy.  It only makes sense.  You obviously want to get the most out of the money you’re earning.  So you might do a little research, shop around a little bit, see what costs how much and what it offers to you.

So say you’re shopping around for a new visor.  Most hockey players are really only looking for 2 major features in a half shield.  They don’t want it to fog up on them while they are playing, as that’s a tedious task to wipe them shift to shift, and they don’t want it to get scratched up as they are playing or as its traveling around in the bag after the game.  So when you see something like this...

It seems pretty obvious what the best option here is considering the main components you’re looking for.  So what is the mystery visor that offers so much at so little?

None other than the TRON S30 Hockey Visor!  And with over 5000 of our half shields sold and shipped to every state in the US and many countries around the world, people in the hockey world are definitely taking notice.  And trying one for yourself is truly the best way to see just how much money you can save going with TRON products that give you everything you want at prices that are almost unheard of.

TRON S10 Anti Scratch Senior Hockey Visor
$14.99, 3/$40.00
TRON S20 Anti Fog Senior Hockey Visor
$14.99, 3/$40.00
TRON S30 Anti Scratch/Anti Fog Senior Hockey Visor
$19.99, 3/$50.00

As our stock of our great visor kept dwindling away, we ordered many more of our clear models and decided to offer a new option for those who wanted a brand new perspective, the TRON S30T Visor.

TRON S30S Smoke Visor
Arrives July 20th

TRON S40 Senior Hockey Visor
Arrives August 20th

TRON S40T Tinted Visor
Arrives August 20th

In every respect as brilliant as its clear counter counterpart, the tinted model works almost as a pair of sunglasses do:  It dims down the brightness that many hockey players have found to be much more appealing to both their eyesight and overall look.  This is all at only $24.99, and when you consider that you pay 2.5 times that to get an Oakley visor that has the same features and carries the same look, you could buy a couple of these if you have more than one helmet, or as a gift for a buddy on your team with an old beat up one.  
We will also have another style of hockey visor available towards the end of summer, the TRON S40 ($24.99) and S40T ($29.99) visor.  It will have all the usual anti-scratch and anti-fog materials you’ve come to expect from the S30 model, but the S40 models will come in an entirely new cut than our current 3 models.  The cut on the S40 will leave for an absolutely distortion free line of vision all around, and the polycarbonate make-up is incredibly resilient to scratches, breaks, and cracks.  The S40 visor also carriers a CE certification to insure its safety specifications.

All things considered, whether you like a crystal clear or tinted shade for eyes, it’s easy to see the obvious choice for a half-shield is a TRON model!  Check out the Reviews!

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