Wednesday, July 25, 2012

TRON Hockey Sticks - Light on the scale, light on the budget

With our Tron Elite Anchor hockey stick being a dead ringer for a Total One and the 405XS doing a great job of mimicking the Easton RS look, we have been hit with much feedback about the looks we chose for our sticks, most positive, but some negative.  Some people don't see why we would mimic the looks of our competitors, saying we have no originality to design something new and different.  And while that is one way of looking at the picture, consider the way we look at it here at HockeyTron.

We spend a lot of time talking about sticks like the Total One and the RS because we realize an important point:  You don't get to the be the best in the business by making products that aren’t pushing the envelope more or constantly raising the bar.  Bauer is the company it is because they have a loyal following of people that come to expect a certain quality of product bearing the Bauer logo on it.  And indeed, you can't deny that Bauer is a frontrunner in the industry.  The same goes for Easton:  Their sticks have long been considered to be at the edge of the engineering and development available today.

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So when you want to be the best, you aim for the best.  And you don't just match the best, you beat it.. surpass it in all aspects.  And that's where TRON Hockey comes in.

Did you know that once we receive our 100K stick at the end of the summer, TRON hockey will have the 3 lightest sticks in the ENTIRE industry?  The Elite Anchor and the 405XS both flirt so closely to the 400 grams mark, they are easily the lightest sticks available.  And the 100k is expected to come in at around 415 grams and one of very few True one piece sticks.  Compare this to the lightest stick available by Bauer right now, the Vapor APX, which is 420grams at standard length.  The Nexus 1000 is going to ring up pretty close to the 420grams mark as well.  The Total One weigh in at 425 grams.  The Easton Stealth RS weighs around 440grams at standard length.

Unfortunately, we have all paid the expensive lesson of knowing that shaving off those precious grams of weight seems to drive the price skyward at a pretty alarming rate.  And that's where TRON sticks truly shine brighter than anything available to anyone from anywhere, bar none!  You would absolutely flip to see a Total One or a RS retailing for $129.99 (That's a little more than half their full retail price), and with good reason!  High quality items deserve their price tags at times, but really, if I showed you an RS and a 405XS, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two whether you were blindfolded or not.  And once I tell you one goes for $130 and one goes for $240, I think many people would choose to walk out with 2 405XS sticks for nearly the same price you'd leave our store with a single Easton RS. 

All we wanted to show was that there is no longer a reason to wring a customer’s neck over a pro-level stick.  And with a nearly identical look, Bauer and Easton both have very little justification for the eventual retail markup the stick endures if we can pretty much do the same exact thing at half the price.  So what some feel we lack in originality, we hope that more people will enjoy our very blunt attitude towards proving to customers that ridiculous prices for hockey gear is a thing of the past now that HockeyTron is on the scene. 

One additional note:  Besides the 405XS, Elite Anchor and the 100K we will be adding the Heat APS and the X19 this fall.

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