Thursday, July 12, 2012

TRON Goalie Gear - Now blocking a shot near you!

After MUCH anticipation and countless e-mails and phone calls about when these products will finally hit the sales floor, we are very happy to announce the official debut of the TRON Mega Pro Goalie Pad series!

And what a debut it has been!  When we initially started allowing the pre-order of the goalie pad sets, we offered an amazing, absolutely unprecedented deal:  You could preorder the entire 4 pieces of the set (Chest Protector, Glove, Blocker, and Leg Pads) at the mind-blowing price of $700.  That kind of money won't even get you comparable level Reebok or Vaughn goal pads ALONE, which can retail for upwards of $1500.  And when you consider that the $700 you spend at HockeyTron is ALSO getting you a pro-level chest protector, glove, and blocker, it’s an absolute no brainer.  

TRON Mega Pro Senior Hockey Goalie Leg Pads
TRON Mega Pro Senior Hockey Goalie Catcher
TRON Mega Pro Senior Hockey Goalie Blocker
TRON Mega Senior Hockey Goalie Chest and Arm Protector

Many of you agreed.  So much so, in fact, that almost half of our stock of the various goalie equipment is already accounted for through pre-orders from retailers, customers, even our own employees!  And as we got the news that the arrival of the equipment was today, we cleared a large section of our retail floor to display these awesome pieces of protection, as well as set aside a lot of room in our warehouse to fulfill the pre-orders of the customers that have been so incredibly patient as we fielded what just seemed like one delay after the next.  Yet with the strength of our other products being as good as they are, we found many people were more than willing to wait patiently with us to see what kind of products TRON was going to bring to the table for the often overlooked position.  While we always had the sample pair to show what was coming, having the true finished products in stock is extremely exciting.

With the TRON Chest Protector, Goalie Glove, Blocker, and Leg Pads all looking extremely well put together and meticulously crafted, we know that once the word spreads around that you are looking at a premier deal for high quality merchandise, goalies everywhere will take notice, and there will be absolutely no reason to go anywhere else or choose any other brands.  HockeyTron has arrived on the goalie scene, and we are making a huge splash that will be noticed by players, retailers, and manufacturers alike. Use Tron Coupon Code TRON20 and save 20%.

 So spread the word for us, and leave us feedback and comments regarding the products you try!  The better HockeyTron continues to do, the more we can develop new products to match what you, the customers and players, want to see out of their equipment.  It will also allow us to continue to keep prices at a level so unrivaled that baffles retailers and manufacturers both.  It baffles the customers too... but we tend to enjoy hearing someone saying they have no idea how they are walking away with the quality they have at the price they paid.  That's where HockeyTron wants to put itself now, and will continue to be in the future.

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