Thursday, June 13, 2013

Brand new website goes live today!

Dear Valued Hockeytron Customers!
We are proud to introduce our new, improved Hockeytron website to you!  We have now implemented cutting-edge technology that tracks our inventory and we now are able to show you exactly what we have in stock in real-time!
Inventory is now managed instantaneously. With this technology, we are able to ship exactly what you ordered when you order it more efficiently and provide our buyers with the unique capability to re-order and manage inventory. No other hockey internet retailer boasts the same capability!
This new system utilizes automatic identification and data capture technology to efficiently monitor the flow of our products. The database can then provide useful reports about the status of goods in our warehouse.  We expect a level of order accuracy the other guys only dream about!
Please bear with us as the look and functionality of the new website will be upgraded over the next couple of months.  Our new drop-down menus make navigating our new site quick and easy, allowing you, the customer, unprecedented capability to browse for the hockey and figure skating items perfect for you and your family!

We have a new hockey blade curve chart that allows quick and easy understanding of what you favorite curve is equivalent to across several different makes and models of stick. Our sizing charts for other items have likewise been consolidated into efficient, informative tables that get you the information you need when you need it!

Please take some time to explore some of the new features of our site. If you need help, our staff is on hand at our normal number  888-544-8766 .

Our new web platform is called NetSuite.  With this platform we are able to understand better what happens with our product and improve our abilty to control it.   Consumer data protection is extremely important to us. We protect it with the new lock-down security provided by our ultra-safe new NetSuite platform!

Let us know if there are some feature you would like to see on our site in the future; we may be able to implement them!

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