Wednesday, October 17, 2012

TRON At The Let's Play Hockey Show

It's been very exciting for us this week...

The Let's Play Hockey Show provided us a golden opportunity to truly highlight just how far along we have come since our start not too long ago.  Having this opportunity to interact with customers and retailers alike and communicate our vision to them directly is truly special.  The relationships formed at events like this can easily prove very beneficial to all parties involved, and we are always looking to improve in any way we can.

Customized DJ100 Senior Hockey Jersey Customized DJ200 Senior Hockey Jersey

As we expected, our jerseys and our sticks are the biggest draws to the HockeyTron booth.  Nearly every person that has come to check out our booth has been drawn to our newest jerseys, the DJ300 and the DJPro.  

Customized Senior Hockey Jersey DJ300 Personalized hockey jersey DJ PRO Authentic

It was nice to be able to show samples of these highly anticipated jerseys, as well as our tried and tested DJ100 and DJ200 models:  With 4 model levels and plenty of options between styles and fits, we are making it very easy to fall in love with a TRON hockey jersey.

Tron Heat PV Senior Composite Hockey Stick
TRON 405XS Grip Senior Composite Hockey Stick
Tron 405XS Clear Senior Composite Stick

Even other dealers and retailers are taking notice.  They have simply been mesmerized by the amount of quality that goes into each piece of hockey equipment we make, not to mention the incredible price at which we sell to other businesses.  Many people have called in or approached us with questions regarding opening up wholesale accounts, which are all done through our head Sales Representative, Don Thomson.  

View Hockey Tron Locations in a larger map

We have definitely extended our reach within the US.  This year alone, many new stores have opened up accounts with us and are enjoying the benefits of buying direct from us.  Worldwide, we continue to increase our sphere of influence as well.  3 more countries have obtained the distribution rights from HockeyTron, making a total of 10 unique countries so far.

View Hockey Tron International in a larger map

The turnout at the festival has been fantastic.  In the past year, we made serious strides to stand side by side with the other top manufacturers in the industry at an event like this.  Our hockey sticks are so comparable to many of the top sticks out there. 

TRON S30S Smoke Senior Hockey Visor
TRON S40 Aviator Senior Hockey Visor
TRON S40S Aviator Smoke Senior Hockey Visor

Our visors absolutely blow everyone out of the water, and our array of hockey jerseys will get you a customized look in no time at all.  And as always, we do this at a price the other guys just can't match up to when you compare similar model levels and designs.  This has always been and will continue to be the goal; providing pro-level gear to all players without needing to be a pro-level player in order to afford it. 

We are in our second year and we already have semi pro and pro players playing in our gear.  Wait until you see what we have up our sleeves for our third year of existence!

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