Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Hockey Glove Line Expands!

Once you break in any piece of equipment and it finally has the seamless movement with your body, it’s hard to want to give it up when its clearly had a good run and it’s time to replace.  Hockey gloves are a great example of this.  When you consider that the puck, the stick, your gloves, and your hands are all working together to deliver your shot and passes, it’s important that each part is working great with the others to give you the extra edge.

So what kind of hockey gloves are best?  There is no true answer.  Gloves come in thousands of cuts: Short cuffs, longer fingers, re-enforced palms, tapered fitting.  It's one of the few pieces of equipment that truly has a unique fitting that is totally dependent on the feel the player wants out of them.  That's why, while we have a single model for our shin and elbow pads (With plans for more), we already have 2 successful glove models and are already designing and manufacturing a 3rd!

TRON 80-90 Senior Hockey Gloves
TRON Elite Senior Hockey Gloves
TRON 20K Senior Gloves

The TRON 8090 glove has a roomier, looser fit across the whole hand.  The 4-roll style backing and the breaks in the fingers make the glove very comfortable and extremely easy to break in.  The Nylon shell is light weight and dries much faster than traditional cloth, and stays soft whether they are wet or dry.  When you consider that Eagle put a $230 price tag on this similar glove, it's like you bought those pair at nearly 75% off!  The 80-90 only retails for $49.99!

We came out with the TRON Elite glove next.  Whereas the 80-90 was designed to be looser fitting all around, the Elite glove is the exact opposite.  The fingers, palm, and cuff are all a comfortable yet snug tapered fit.  Triple segmented fingers and Ergo-thumb positioning lock the stick in place while providing an unmatched range of motion.  At $59.99, you'd be hard pressed find a glove that feels like it at such a great price.

Soon ( July ), the TRON 20k hockey glove will be a part of the glove family.  Where out last 2 gloves had the nylon/cloth look, we opted for the leather finish on the 20k.  While it does make the glove slightly heavier, it's still fairly light.  It also has many pro-style plastic inserts and a heavy-duty lock-thumb to prevent painful hyperextensions.  We don't quite have stock on them, but we have tested the sample set, and it feels amazing.  We're very proud of how the glove will arrive to us and the quality we will be able to offer for our customers at only $69.99.

So do the gloves you have now have a couple holes in them BESIDES the big one you slip your hand through?  Did they just never break in the way you wanted?  Not even sure if you have the right size for yourself?  Pick up a TRON glove.  I'm sure with our 3 varying models, we have something to sell you that’s exactly what you’re looking for. 


  1. I have a pair of TRON 8090 gloves and I really like them but I'm not sure what they mean by "New Kangaroo Pocket Liner Allows for Full Customization." Could you please explain? These gloves are fairly loose so is there a way to tighten them using additional foam or an insert of some kind?

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